Chapter 8: Un-bear-able Pain

In a deadly-level battle that lasted from 6:30 to 9:00pm, the Blue Team fought tooth and nail for the minds of the Tempus-worshipers they’d met in two neighboring, identical villages.

More like beak and talon, actually—a pair of vultures were sicced on the lot by the Wizard Daisys, a middle aged elf woman who didn’t seem to mind tearing visitors to shreds. Oh yeah, and she had a fuzzy bear rug that came to life and tried to smother people.

The first vulture fell to Garius’ freezing hiccup. Roderick’s javelins smote with righteous fury, knocking another out. They did sizable damage, though, which was then exacerbated by that darn rug.

While Daisys watched from her balcony, Garius and Shovel were in turn interned by the bear skin, which cut off their air supply and also bashed their heads against the stone ground as a bonus.

Dopps was immediately charmed into thinking Daisys a friend and tried to get gone. Susan summoned a spooktastic vision for him, a monster amalgamation of every likeness she’d ever seen him don. It made rude gestured outside the front door, scaring him back inside. The rest of the party stayed safe from the mind control—especially Roderick, who kept throwing it off like he was really wise. Which was, like, a really good day for the guy.

Susan wandered off to read books. She didn’t even like the books.

The flunkies lay in blood or tatters, and only Daisys remained to be tackled. She’d just gotten a gnarly spell of Dominate Person on Garius when Dopps (having recently regained his mind) got with it and hurled every sharp object in the room at her in succession. Along with the might of the rest of the Blue Team, she fell.

Kilik was still nowhere to be seen. Which definitely had nothing to do with a concussion, and was definitely just because he was out enjoying nature and not being eaten by oversized birds of prey.

Experience: 510xp to Susan, Dopps, Garius, Roderick, and Shovel



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