Chapter 6: I'm Sure He'd Be Fine With Being Tied to a Tree For a While

On this day, Blue Team offended a mysterious old man who threw them out of their vision quest. They didn’t care, they had a portal to destroy! And a Klaz-goo-TEK (phonetic spelling) to find, maybe.

Susan knew of “Clasa Guta,” a fallen human civilization to the North West of Tirgaffr. The old man shouted a lot about orcs. Garius asked some good questions about what had just happened, but received few answers.

On their way trekking through Dorfinland, they were met by an adventurer named Donerick. He was in a tiny village which was being plagued by “jelly.” As unalarming as this sounded, the good members of Blue Team did stay to help out.

In the village, the team met Donerick’s sister, Aradella, and scared the ever living fuck out a simple, raciest shopkeeping girl. Charisma continued to be the party’s tragically weak spot and their attempts to gain information really just menaced people.

Blue Team spent the night on a farm. Literally on it, in Kilik’s case. From the roof, he spotted a little boy sneaking about in the fields. That was super suspicious, so he basically kidnapped an innocent child. The rest of the party was like, dude, you basically kidnapped an innocent child, and they eventually let him go.

One of the jellies attacked, and Roderick pranced* off to help damsel in potential distress, Aradella. The party gunned down their jelly foe, but Donerick rudely turned into Roderick and took off with Shovel. Shovel figured out shit was cray and so Donerick turned into Shovel. Shovel promptly walloped himself in the face.

Fight fight fight fight. The newly discover doppelganger was defeated and knocked unconscious by Roderick, who arrived back just in time.

The party revived the doppelganger to ask it important questions such as “The fuck,” but Roderick punched him out again for “Being a less attractive me.” Note that it is subjective whether faux-Roderick was more or less pretty than real-Roderick.

Much debate ensued as to the motivations of Donerick/Aradella/probably that kid, and whether or not the bodysnatching would-be-kidnapper should join the party and learn to be useful, good, and not so lonely.

This final question shall be resolved at the culmination of the next Tirgaffr session.

Experience this session:
345 experience for jellybro and doppelfriend battle, for everyone, even Roderick.
You are all still level 3.

*Carrie was maybe kinda drunk.



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